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01 Nov 2009 »

LEVEL42 Design is proud to announce the successful completion of Chilli Palmer’s new recording Studio. Photos to be published soon.
Welcome to LEVEL42 Design, the specialists in Design and Projects. Currently we are doing work through-out South Africa and are hoping to expand in the near future. Our company is small in overheads and therefore we can offer you as customer the best affordable prices with excellent service. Our customer’s individual needs are highly important to us. We as LEVEL42 Design are committed to meet with our customers to find the best suitable ideas and prices.
LEVEL42 Design is situated in the Eastrand, Gauteng.
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Discover the Secrets of Anti-Aging Adaptogenic Herbs, Part I
by:  Paul Fassa
For the past 2500 plus years, both Chinese and Indian Ayruvedic health systems have used adaptogenic herbs as tonic for overall health and .....  <more>
01 March 2010 »

LEVEL42 Design Published the very first edition of Design Lifestyle Magazine. View the full version of the March edition here.
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Aug 2008 »

Eric Bornman joined LEVEL42 Design. Eric is a well known designer in the industry, former designer of the Daniele furniture range and also know as former retail designer for Soviet.  
Mastering Advertising
By Mikey D Harris
If you could master the art of advertising, you would soon be an extremely rich individual. An "Advertising Master" could not only sell just about anything.... <more>

LEVEL42 Design’s e-Magize launch in March was a huge success, far above our expectation. This e-Magazine is growing at a pace of ±900 new contacts per month.
The September edition is available now, make sure you check it out.
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By Brian Wilken
The new Companies Act is slated for inclusion, rather optimistically in certain persons opinions, in...   <more>
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